7th Annual Living Memories Project Conference


Living Memories Conference

About the Living Memories Project

Meryl Ain embarked on The Living Memories Project, after she lost both her father and mother within 18 months. With her husband, Stewart, and her brother, Arthur M. Fischman, they set out to learn how others celebrated how their loved ones lived, rather than focusing on how they died.

The Living Memories Project details through interviews, anecdotes, essays, poems, photographs, and the many ways that both ordinary individuals and celebrities incorporate the presence of their departed loved ones into their lives. Some who have shared their stories describe instances when they strongly and viscerally felt their loved one’s presence, while others have drawn upon rituals or created a tangible memorial to comfort themselves.


The main objective of the conference is to empower participants with new tools for providing professional, competent, and compassionate care to those who are grieving or bereft.

Who Should Attend?

Social Workers • Psychologists • Nurses • Clergy • Mental Health Practitioners • Chaplains • Educators • Students • Volunteers


  • Professionals $55.00
  • Full Time Student $15.00
  • JASA Staff: $50.00  (will be charged to your JASA staff program)

For more information contact:

  • Lori Hardoon | 347.547.7127 | lhardoon@jasa.org

  • Maria Lever | 347.547.7176 | mlever@jasa.org