Research Policy

Research Policy

In line with its mission “to sustain and enrich the lives of the aging in the New York metropolitan area so that they can remain in the community with dignity and autonomy,” JASA seeks to advance the field of aging, with a specific focus on evidence-based practices that improve the lives of clients.

Research may be initiated in multiple ways:

  • Given the organization’s status as a major provider of services to older adults, researchers often request access to clients and/or client data for use in studies, dissertations, presentations, service design, articles, and books.
  • JASA management may identify a research project to conduct to advance its work and the field.
  • JASA staff may seek to initiate research or collaborate with individuals from other institutions in research.

Prior to submitting a research request, please review the list of service programs that JASA offers in order to ensure that we serve the target population that you are seeking.



JASA recognizes its obligation to maintain the integrity and quality of research that takes place under its auspices or for which it provides access to clients. This includes complying with all standards to protect human subjects from research risk, obtaining informed consent, and protecting confidentiality. The following policy has been established to enable JASA to evaluate proposed research projects that involve access to JASA clients and/or client data.

Research Areas

  • JASA may allow research projects that are designed to improve the lives of older adults with an emphasis on those that focus on prolonging capacity to remain living in one’s community of choice.
  • JASA will not participate in research that is medically-invasive or includes drug trials or medical procedures.
  • JASA may consider research focused on issues not directly related to the mission where the organization has an interest (e.g. non-profit management, social work practice, etc.).

Research Committee

  • All proposed research will be reviewed by JASA’s Research Committee, which will meet on an as-needed basis.
  • Internal and external researchers must complete an application and submit required materials before a request is reviewed. Approvals and denials will be conveyed to the researcher within one month of complete submission.
  • The Research Committee will not govern JASA-initiated quality improvement projects, which are the systematic evaluation of program procedures and practices for internal agency and/or program funder use.
  • The Research Committee may subcontract with an independent Institutional Review Board (IRB) to evaluate a research proposal.

Human Subject Protection and Confidentiality

  • All research conducted that meets the federal definition of human subject research must have the approval of an IRB.
  • The individual or institution conducting the research will be responsible for guaranteeing the completion of the project, meeting privacy regulations, and maintaining appropriate documentation.
  • The individual or institution must include the JASA-provided disclaimer in their informed consent form and maintain signed copies on file.
  • JASA considers the preservation of client confidentiality a priority. In order to preserve confidentiality, client consent must be secured prior to using client names or other identifying information.
  • JASA’s client records reviewed for research must be tracked in compliance with disclosure requirements.
  • Records or copies of records may not leave JASA premises unless JASA is notified, and the data are de-identified.
  • Electronic records or files may not be emailed or downloaded unless JASA is notified, and the data are de-identified.
  • For further information, please see the attached guidance document from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Office for Civil Rights (OCR)

Publications and Intellectual Property

  • If JASA will be named in a publication or can be easily identified through program descriptions, the author must secure written approval of JASA’s CEO or designee prior to publication.
  • JASA and the researcher must agree in advance about JASA’s right to edit publications reporting on the research results.
  • The product of the research (reports, publications, etc.) must be submitted to the chair of JASA’s Research Committee upon completion and be made available for dissemination to clients who participated in the research.
  • If other forms of intellectual property will result from the research (e.g. instruments), ownership rights should be discussed in advance.
  • Dissemination, including publication, must comply with law, professional, and agency codes of ethics.
  • Copyright must be determined for any publication prior to dissemination.


  • Research projects initiated and implemented by only JASA staff will be covered under JASA’s insurance.
  • Outside researchers shall maintain the insurance necessary to cover liability. JASA will request a Certificate of Insurance with the coverage afforded, the limits, carrier details, and the research project clearly identified.


  • JASA will be reimbursed where possible for staff time and other expenses to be incurred.