JASA’s Virtual Gala

JASA’s Virtual Gala

October 28 from 7:00 - 8:00PM

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We are delighted to recognize our honorees, JASA’s partners in the new Casa Celina development, affordable senior housing that will soon be a safe home and community for over 200 seniors. 

We won’t be together in person, but we will have the opportunity to come together to do something even greater: your support of this year’s virtual gala will make a tremendous impact on the older adults most affected by COVID-19. The need has never been more urgent for the 40,000 older adults and families who rely on us.

Thank you for being part of our caring community!


Ticket and Sponsor Levels

$600 Supporter Help seniors stay healthy. 

JASA delivers thousands of meals to vulnerable seniors who are at risk of hunger. During the height of COVID-19 we were on the front lines delivering meals to the most at-risk individuals, and that urgency continues to this day. Beyond staying healthy, the JASA delivery staff provide a caring connection to the world and provide security for older adults who don’t always know where they will get their next meal. 

Includes: 1 virtual ticket

$1,000 Friend Help seniors and staff stay safe. 

PPE is essential for all individuals working on the front lines, but it is even more critical for JASA staff who work with frail older adults who need meals, home care, and housing. Masks, hand sanitizer, cleaning supplies, and office modifications are key to continue providing essential, life-sustaining services that require in-person interactions.

Includes: 1 virtual ticket; Listing in journal

$3,000 Activist Help seniors stay home. 

Home health aides are the unsung heroes of the pandemic. When family members were separated from their older relatives because of quarantine restrictions, JASA aides were there keeping clients safe. Our home care team cares for the most vulnerable clients who would have otherwise been in the hospital or nursing home. Home health aides are on the frontlines assisting ill and disabled seniors with health and daily care needs. 

Includes: 4 virtual tickets; Quarter Page journal ad

$5,000 Enthusiast Help seniors stay supported. 

COVID-19 triggered a profound mental health crisis. Isolation, depression, anxiety and other triggers have led to many older adults suffering alone. JASA’s mental health team works tirelessly to help older adults who are struggling. Virtual support groups, regular phone sessions, and sharing up-to-date information with our clients is vital to addressing concerns and caring for seniors’ mental health.

Includes: 5 virtual tickets; Half Page journal ad

$10,000 Advocate Help seniors stay connected. 

Technology is key to staying connected during the pandemic. Unfortunately, many seniors do not have money to purchase computers and devices, and lack the skills to use these devices. Providing technology and training to seniors will help them connect with family and friends, join virtual classes, and feel less isolated.

Includes: 10 virtual tickets; Full Page Bronze journal ad

$25,000 Champion Help seniors stay resilient. 

Despite the challenges and risks that emerged with the pandemic, seniors continue to stay strong. Whether it’s attending a virtual class, joining a support group by phone, or having an encouraging phone call with a volunteer, older adults and their families continue to rely on JASA to stay resilient during this moment of crisis.

Includes: 10 virtual tickets; Full Page Silver journal ad

$50,000 Golden Benefactor Help seniors have a safety net. 

The need for JASA’s services - services that help seniors stay at home and avoid hospitals and nursing homes - has never been more urgent. Many of our programs are not able to operate remotely and require face-to-face interaction with staff on the front lines. JASA’s wide array of services need support to continue being a safety net for older New Yorkers during this crisis.

Includes: 10 virtual tickets; Full Page Gold journal ad

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If you are unable to attend, you can still support JASA and our honorees through journal ads. 

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