A Path to Healing:  Innovative and Restorative Approaches to Elder Justice

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Workshop #7: Reaching Out to New York’s Underserved Older Adult Populations
CEU: 1.5 credits

In 2020 and 2021, Lifespan of Greater Rochester and NYS Office of Victim Services sponsored the third New York State Elder Abuse Summit as a series of virtual events and in-person focus groups. The Summit sought to create a plan to better connect with and serve underserved and marginalized older adult groups in NYS including Black/African American, Latinx, Native American, LGBTQ, New American and rural populations. This workshop will describe the process the Summit adopted to explore the needs of underserved older citizens and discuss the Action Agenda for the state that came out of the Summit process.

Presenters: (Click here for Presenter bios)
Paul L. Caccamise, LMSW, ACSW
Katherine Martinez, LMSW
Tracey Siebert-Konopko, LMSW

Workshop #8: Partner, Child, Caregiver:  Exploring the Elder Abuse Dynamic and Restorative Justice 
CEU: 1.5 credits / CLE 1.5 credits

Can restorative justice apply to cases of elder abuse? Participants will hear how restorative justice has worked within the field of domestic violence; the specific nature of the older adult and adult child relationship commonly seen in cases of elder abuse; and how a practical application of safely reuniting an older adult who has experienced elder abuse with the person who has caused them harm has worked. 

Discussion will include what we can learn from each of these areas, and the legal tools that are relied on to support restorative justice. The speakers will examine the differing considerations that exist when the person who caused harm is an intimate partner, adult child, or an opportunistic stranger and whether or how restorative justice can work when the damaged relationship cannot be reestablished.

Presenters:(Click here for Presenter bios)
Professor Judy Smith, PhD, LCSW
Meredith Levine, LMSE, APHSW-C 
Hillary Packer, Esq.

Deirdre Lok, Esq. 

Workshop #9: Reframing Elder Abuse to Elder Justice 

CEU:  1.5 credits


Elder Abuse situations can be complex with many nuances and usually involve more than the Older Person and the person who is causing harm. Other family members, neighbors, community agencies, and stakeholders are all affected and may even play a part. What if we reframe “Elder Abuse” to “Elder Justice?” Could that bring more effective outcomes? Join us as we look at this changing lens from Elder Abuse to Elder Justice.

Presenters: (Click here for Presenter bios)
Nancy Nybergh, MA, LP
Bobbi Jessani, LMSW

Workshop #10: ACAT: A Trauma-Informed, Anti-Racist Approach to Legal Advocacy
CLE:  1.5 credits

Burnout, capacity, vicarious trauma, and structural racism continue to be pressing issues for legal advocates, especially during a pandemic and civil rights uprising. This training is designed to help you rethink your approach to legal advocacy entirely, which will result in increased sustainability for you as the advocate, holistic care for the people you serve, and outcomes that disrupt unjust systems. This training will provide a basic introduction to concepts relating to trauma and race, leading up to a four-part model that guides legal advocates to tangibly engage in a trauma-informed, anti-racist approach to legal advocacy. This training is designed to be a very small taste of everything that can be learned, developed, and strengthened to make the work better for ourselves as agents of change and the directly impacted individuals and communities we serve. 

Presenter: (Click here for Presenter bio)
Lorilei Williams, Esq.

Dianne O. Woodburn, Esq.

Workshop #11: Why Wait for Death Do Us Part? Issues Surrounding Later in Life Divorce
CLE:  1.5 credits

This session will discuss “gray divorces.” Topics will include reasons for the increasing divorce rate among older adults, numerous legal issues that arise in these divorce actions, and when mediation may be appropriate. The panelists will further discuss intimate partner violence in later life, safety planning and Orders of Protection for older divorcing adults subjected to spousal abuse, as well as cultural, religious and other barriers to divorce among older adults.  

Presenters: (Click here for Presenter bios)
Hon. Deborah A. Kaplan
Joan Levenson, Esq.
Jenifer J. Foley, Esq.

Workshop #12: Using Trauma-Informed Spiritual Care as a Tool for Elder Abuse Recovery
CEU: 1.5 credits

According to the National Council on Aging, approximately 1 out of 10 Americans aged 60+ have experienced some form of Elder Abuse. Elder Abuse provokes trauma and requires a multi-disciplinary approach on their route to recovery. This training will introduce how Spiritual/Pastoral Counseling can be an essential tool for assisting clients in building resiliency and offering hope, healing, and growth.

Presenters: (Click here for Presenter bios)
Loangys Sanchez, MSW
Alessandra Pilarte, MSW
Rabbi Marcelle Hohl

Tynisha Rodriguez, LMSW