A Path to Healing:  Innovative and Restorative Approaches to Elder Justice

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Workshops run concurrently. Select only one workshop per morning and one workshop per afternoon.

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Workshop #1: Cultivating Resilience in a Trauma-Filled World
CEU: 1.5 credits

In this experiential workshop, the speaker will share valuable tools, strategies, resources, and activities that enable you to build greater resilience for yourself and with your clients who are victims of trauma. Engage family members in the healing process, while establishing appropriate boundaries with aging clients experiencing crisis, remain focused, and maintain professional objectivity while providing empathy and support. This will be an interactive webinar including audience polls, and Q and A.

Presenter: (Click here for Presenter bio)
Shoshanna Cogan, MS

Margaret Woods, LMSW, ASW-G, ACSW, CCM

Workshop #2: Aging is Everyone’s Business: Policies for Building a New York for All Ages
CEU: 1.5 credits

Brookdale Center for Healthy Aging and LiveOn NY will present a set of smart, actionable solutions in nine areas of life that affect all New Yorkers: good governance, access to food, housing, technology, financial security, social engagement, human services, healthcare, and infrastructure. Together, these policies address the conditions that make older New Yorkers vulnerable. In this workshop, we will brainstorm creative strategies for how to engage service providers, policymakers, business owners, and everyday New Yorkers in carrying out this agenda. 

Presenters: (Click here for Presenter bios)
Christian González-Rivera, MA Urban Planning
Katelyn Andrews, MPA

Stephanie Ruiz-Barcelo, LMSW

Workshop #3: Living into the Values of DEI in Elder Care: A Strength-Based Approach to Understanding Diversity & Inclusion
CEU: 1.5 credits

Employee and older adult consumer engagement need to go beyond words to a place where everyone is given the opportunity to contribute, feel valued for who they are, and empowered to bring every aspect of their identity into a space. This interactive workshop will explore ways to breakthrough challenges to sustaining an inclusive culture and leave participants with real tools to fully integrate and appreciate the diverse cultures, backgrounds, and perspectives of consumers and employees.

Presenters:(Click here for Presenter bios)
Kesha Carter, CDP, PHR

Paul Caccamise, LMSW, ACSW

Workshop #4: Concerned Persons: Vital Supports in Preventing and Addressing Elder Mistreatment
CEU: 1.5 credits

Support systems are a crucial part of sustaining older adults in the community and protecting them from harm. While service providers conduct outreach to protect and serve older adults, concerned persons (friends, family, and neighbors) provide vital emotional and material supports to older adults. These concerned persons are often the first to uncover abuse — hearing it through walls, witnessing it, observing the decline of the victim — but they often experience distress, too. Hear the testimony of a concerned person who intervened in an elder abuse situation, and learn about the first-ever service dedicated to concerned persons to help relieve their stress while providing information and guidance without judgment or pressure.

Presenters:(Click here for Presenter bios)
Lina Irias, LMHC
Serena Ross, LMSW
Stephanie Good, MSW
Nancy Oatts

Workshop #5: Improving NY Guardianship
CLE:  1.5 credits

This workshop will discuss the recent Elder Justice Innovation Grant awarded by HHS to New York State’s Unified Court System (UCS). Through this grant, UCS seeks to examine and improve NY State guardianship, including improving outcomes for those in guardianship, increasing access to court services and modernizing guardianship case operations.

Presenters:(Click here for Presenter bios)
Denise Colón, Esq., MSW 
Kimberly George, Esq.
John Holt, Esq.

Donna Dougherty, Esq. 

Workshop #6: What are the Benefits/Challenges of Restorative Justice in Adult Protective Services?
CEU: 1.5 credits / CLE 1.5 credits

Restorative Justice is a philosophy that emphasizes repairing the harm caused by maltreatment. In Adult Protective Services (APS), maltreatment can look like physical, financial, sexual, or emotional abuse as well as neglect, undue influence, and isolation. Through a panel discussion, we will explore the APS, Legal and Guardianship perspectives of restorative justice in elder abuse.

Presenters:(Click here for Presenter bios)
Gili (Galit) Hershkovich-Kim, LCSW
Thomas Catapano, Esq.
Ivette Callender, MSW

Deborah Holt-Knight, Deputy Commissioner, NYC APS