Careers at JASA Registered Nurse- Bushwick Hylan/ Co-Op City NORCs

Careers at JASA Registered Nurse- Bushwick Hylan/ Co-Op City NORCs

Admin/ Exempt/ Part-Time
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NORC Program Director
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Job Type: Part Time
Location: Bronx


SUMMARY:  Nurse provides healthcare assistance and healthcare management with a focus on wellness and health promotion, chronic illness self-management, and prevention of disease exacerbation.  The Nurse empowers members with skills commensurate with their capacity to manage their own self-care, and provides necessary monitoring, support, linkage, and coordination. The Nurse provides services in collaboration with the social worker and also identifies healthcare trends and needs within the community.




  • Helps clients access the healthcare system by providing assistance with scheduling
    appointments, coordination with pharmacies and physicians, and linkage to home
    care aides and other providers, as needed.
  • Provides regularly scheduled blood pressure screening sessions for JASA’s members. A brief health assessment is conducted during these sessions to all participants and blood pressure monitoring is provided overtime.
  • Performs initial and periodic healthcare assessments of JASA’s members identified by social worker to be at-risk. Determines their need for healthcare assistance or healthcare management.    
  • Provides health education, medication review, provider referrals, linkage, advocacy, monitoring of blood pressure and chronic illness, as well as healthcare coordination to the extend needed, helping individuals manage their chronic conditions, respond to acute episodes, and access healthcare.
  • Performs home visits, including safety assessments to prevent falls, in collaboration with social worker.
  • Develops an assessment and care plan for clients in need of Healthcare Management and arranges/coordinates services on the member’s behalf. And follows up at least every two months.  
  • Completes Health and Wellness assessments, Nursing Checklist, Progress Notes and Worker Log for units of service documentation, as well as any other recordkeeping and reports.
  • Performs other job-related duties as may be required or directed by the supervisor.



  • Current license and registration to practice as Registered Nurse in New York State.
  • Must be computer literate, including ability to learn and use program-specific software.
  • Excellent communication and organizational skills.
  • Minimum of 1 year of professional experience preferred.
  • Knowledge of Spanish and/or Russian languages preferred