Careers at JASA Porter - Penn South Program for Seniors

Careers at JASA Porter - Penn South Program for Seniors

Union DC 37/Non-Exempt/Full-Time
Reports to:
Project Director or designee
Job Type: Full Time
Location: Manhattan


Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Cleans, dusts, mops, washes or waxes floors. Washes windows and fixtures within the building or on the grounds of the facility. Shampoos, sweeps or vacuums floors, empties ash trays, wastepaper baskets and collects rubbish. Places into garbage bags or bundles with twine for placement in designated collection area for removal. Dusts desks, chairs, window sills, pictures on walls, tops of file cabinets and other office furniture and equipment. Cleans and disinfects all staff kitchens and lavatories. Restocks paper dispensers as needed.
  • Removes marks from walls, washes and waxes all floor tile and composition flooring. Cleans all inside windows and glass partitions--inside and out--and all accessible exterior windows. Cleans all glass desk and conference table tops.
  • Performs rough painting, seals leak’s and replaces broken window panes. Repairs defective light switches, installs extension cords, replaces washers, cleans out clogged plumbing lines. Performs minor plumbing repairs.
  • Repairs doors, broken furniture, replaces loose tiles, plasters cracks and holes and replaces worn out parts of simple machines and equipment. Cleans and wipes equipment located in mechanical rooms.
  • Sets up rooms for lunch programs, classes or meetings.
  • In food programs, cleans kitchen equipment, counter surfaces, utensils, stoves and sinks. Mops floors. Unpacks and stores food stuffs.
  • Opens building, and closes at end of day--checking offices and floors and shutting off lights. Secures building(s)/office(s)/senior center.
  • Performs other duties as assigned.



  • High School graduate preferred
  • Ability to read, speak and follow directions in English
  • Ability to perform heavy lifting, moving or carry packages, furniture or office equipment
  • Must be able to work night and/or weekends as assigned.
  • Must be able to climb stairs, climb a ladder, and bend.
  • Valid drivers' license helpful.



Rate: $15.00 per hour