JASA is the go-to agency serving older adults in New York City, providing critical services to over 40,000  people annually. Founded 50+ years ago, JASA is a leading expert and innovator in aging services that recognizes the diversity among the aging population and honors older adults as vital members of society.

JASA’s life-changing support services, interventions and partnerships promote aging with a purpose and provide autonomy for older adults to remain in their homes and communities. JASA operates ten affordable housing properties, is a licensed home care agency and offers a breadth of integrative services citywide spanning free legal services, health and mental health services, home-delivered meals, social programming at senior centers and community trainings on elder abuse, peer health support, caregiver assistance and more.


  •   1968

    JASA was founded

  •   1972

    First Senior Center opens

  •   1973

    First Affordable Housing Complex built in Coney Island

  •   1974

    Supreme Court appoints JASA as the first social service agency in the State of New York to be a conservator for mentally impaired older adults

  •   1976

    Home-Delivered Meals program established

  •   1977

    Joint Public Affairs Committee (JPAC) founded to give older adults a voice in community change and policy

  •   1981

    Legal Services for the Elderly in Queens (LSEQ) established

  •   1982

    Sundays at JASA established

  •   1983

    (JASACare) Home Care program established

  •   1984

    First Mental Health Clinic opens

  •   1989

    Adult Protective Services established

  •   1990

    Community Guardian program established

  •   1990

    First Naturally Occurring Retirement Community (NORC) established

  •   1994

    Institute for Senior Action (IFSA) advocacy training program established by JPAC

  •   1995

    Legal/Social Work Elder Abuse Prevention Program (LEAP) opens

  •   1997

    Help Center established

  •   2000

    First Friendship House opens

  •   2002

    Caregivers Respite program established

  •   2005

    JASA is lead sponsor of the first NYC Elder Abuse Conference

  •   2013

    2013 One Stop Senior Services joins JASA, renamed One Stop at JASA

  •   2016

    Partners in Dignity Program joins JASA
    Community Health Navigator Program launched
    Care Transitions Programs established